Monday, February 28, 2005

Welcome to Task Tracker Pro

The purpose of this blog is to support and inform users about the most efficient task tracking tool on the market "Task Tracker Pro".

The "Task Tracker Pro", currently in release 2.0, is a tool that efficiently helps you track your daily tasks. It was developed in Microsoft Excel which makes it easily updateable and familiar to millions of users. This also gives the spreadsheet a very rich feature set including sort, filter, embedded dropdowns, conditional formatting and even popup calendars to select a date quickly and easily.

Countless hours were spent developing this spreadsheet to make it extremely robust yet simple and visually appealing. This spreadsheet includes functionality you would normally never find in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The feature list includes the following:

  1. Ability to export visible tasks to Outlook
  2. Ability to import visible tasks to Outlook
  3. Selecting any task and clicking the appointment button automatically creates an Outlook appointment and pre-populates subject, date, notes, reminders, and attendees
  4. Selecting any task and clicking the email button automatically creates an Outlook email and pre-populates subject, date, notes, and recipients
  5. Selecting any task and clicking the Google button automatically opens an internet browser window and searches google on the subject
  6. Quick search textboxes are available for the Subject and Notes fields. Every key pushed updates the filter
  7. Ability to quickly hide/show additional fields
  8. Ability to group by color-coded date on left-hand side
  9. Ability to move completed tasks to a seperate sheet
  10. Ability to use Task Tracker Pro on PDA's running windows and Excel
Please feel free to download a 14day free trial by clicking below:

Purchasing the Task Tracker Pro is simple by using paypal. Please visit and make a $14.95 payment to The product serial number will be sent to your email account.

Feel free to post any questions, comments, feature requests, or issues on this site regarding the Task Tracker Pro. We want this tool to continue making you efficient everyday.

Thanks to all who have already purchased.